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1838 1868 1871 1880
Louis Audemars invents
stem winding and
setting mechanism
Patek Philippe makes the
first wrist watch
Aaros Dennison of
international watch
company (IWC) invents
waterproof case
Girard-Perregaux produces
a wrist watch for officers
of the Imperial Austrain Navy
1888 1902 1902 1903
Cartier produces ladies
wrist watch with diamond
and gold bracelet
The first Omega wrist
watch is produced
93,000 wrist watches
sold in Germany
Louis Brandt Founder
of Omega dies
1904 1910 1911 1912
One of the most famous
early wrist watches
appears - the
Santos-Dumont produced
by the house of Cartier
Longines begins wrist
watch production
Santos-Dumont wrist
watch goes on general
Movado makes a
army wrist watch with
a protective grid over
the glass
1914 1917 1918 1920
First alarm wrist watch
is made by Eterna
British royal flying corps
issued with wrist watches by
Omega suplies US army
with wrist watches
Audemars produces the
smallest repeater watch
1923 1925 1927 1930
Invention of the automatic
wrist watch by John Hardwood
Patek Philippe produces the
first wrist watch with a
perpetual calendar
First water resistant
Rolex Oyster produced
Smallest ladies watch
movement to date - baguette
shape - is produced
1930 1932 1932 1933
Tissot develops the first
antimagnetic wrist watch
Launch of Reverso by
Manufacture of the Lindbergh
Aviator by Longines
First watch made for children
by Ingersoll (featuring
Disneys Mickey Mouse)
1933 1936 1936 1936
Longines made official
timekeeper at the
Brazilian grand prix
Omega appointed official
time keeper at the
Olympic games
Hamilton supplies US forces
with wrist watches
Omega and Breitling supply
US RAF watches during
the war years
1945 1946 1947 1947
Rolex Date is the first watch
with a date display on
the watch face
Audemars Piguet produce the
thinnest wrist watch in
the world (1.64mm)
American Nathan George Horwitt
designs the Movado
Museum watch
Poljot, the first Russian wrist
watch is produced - later
to become Sekonda
1947 1947 1952 1953
Tissot develops Tissot Navigator,
a self winding wrist watch
with a universal calendar
Rolex submariner watch capable
of going down to 305m/1000ft
is produced
Brietling introduce the Navitimer,
a super chronograph designed
especially for pilots
Lips produce the first
powered watch
1957 1960 1966 1969
Hamilton produces the
first electric watch
Bulova launches accutron,
the electric tunning fork
watch invented by
Max Hetzel
Girard-Perregaux develops
the first high frequency
mechanical watch
(Swiss Quartz Movement)
Girard-Perregaux develops
the first mass-produced
quartz watch
1969 1969 1969 1969
International Watch Company
introduces the
DaVinci wrist watch
Longines produces the first
quartz cybernetic wrist watch
Zenith brings back El Primero
the epitome of chronograph
Neil Armstrong wears the
Omega Speedmaster Professional
on the moon
1972 1972 1975 1976
Audemars Piguet makes the
first stainless steel
luxury wrist watch
Longines launches and LCD
wrist watch
Launch of Raymond Weil
brand with innovative
ultra slim movement
Launch of Maurice Lacroix
1978 1983 1983 1983
Vacheron Constantin Kallista
is sold for $US5,000,000
Swatch is launched Rolex Sea Dweller goes
down to 1,220m/4,000ft
Longines launches the
Conquest range, accurate
to one minute in
five years
1985 1986 1987
Tag-Heuer brand appears on
the market
Tissot brings out the Rock watch Tissot introduces the two timer
(a watch displaying both
analog and digital displays)

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